Care Calls

Care calls - How it Works

Care Calls help you remember events related to the care of you or your loved one.

Start by

- Sign up for a plan.
- Schedule Care Calls as one-time or recurring calls.
- Type your text message or record a voice message.
- We delivers the calls when due.

Message Options

 - You can record your own message, or use text-to-speech to hear your typed message.
 - Typed messages can also be delivered to an email and wireless device at no additional charge.


- Calls can be scheduled for one-time or recurring delivery.
- Our Easy scheduling tools make it easy to schedule reminders for different medication times.
- Medication reminders can be scheduled as on-going, or for a set number of days.
- Care Calls can be delivered directly to you or your loved one, or both.
by far we offer the best pricing on the web for the same services.
- You can stop your subscription any time.

To order care calls please follow these simple instructions: