Care Calls

About Group Calls

   Group calls are a reliable, efficient way of getting a message out to a group of any size. They can be used for anything from simply waking up a travel group, to notifying an entire community of an emergency situation.

To order a group call, you can either enter all the phone numbers individually (if the group is small enough), or you can simply upload a pre-completed document (Excel, or CSV file) that already contains the numbers. The number of people in your group is equal to the number of calls you need. For example, if you are leading a group of 50 people, and you wish for them all to receive a wakeup call, that would be 50 calls.

Additionally, calls may be applied to different groups, and you don't have to call the same people all the time! For example, if your travel group has decided to split up the next morning, and only 20 of the 50 travellers need to wake up, simply create a new Excel or CSV file that contains only the phone numbers of the people who need to be called (just copy and paste from the master list). And, your current balance can be applied to this other group- no need to register again! The next morning, when everyone is together again, you just re-select your master list. It's that simple! So, if you purchase a 10,000 call subscription, but you only use 5000 calls on one group, you can use the other 5000 on other groups, ensuring that your money does not go to waste!

Group calls are easy to send, as well! All you have to do to is enter the Call Date (even if that date is today), and the time you wish the calls to go out. So, if you are a superintendent, and you wake up at 5:30 to find that weather conditions are unsuitable for school, simply go to, select your school's directory file, enter the date, select the time you wish the calls to go out, and type the message you wish to send or record it in your own voice. It doesn't get any easier than that!

To order group calls please follow this instruction: